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Am I the only one who never gets sick of watching this?



The concerts that I have missed </3

and will miss because I’m broke </320120220-102947.jpg





But I did get to watch this 🙂


I got a SIMPLE PLAN for my birthday

I just bought Get Your Heart On! Album by Simple Plan as a Birthday gift for myself (which is still a month away xD ) LUCKY! Because this was the LAST COPY on the shelf so I quickly took it. I was tempted to buy MCR, Green Day, Coldplay and a Maroon 5 Album as well but I’m broke. AND I am saving for a PS Vita when it comes out! Yeah so I’m bored for the first part of this year 😛

New Sims Reality Show

So I want to start a new reality show for the sims right now. My interest in Sims has greatly deteriorated. So I want to start a new show so somehow I can have my interest back again. I wanted to try something different than The Amazing Sims Race or No Privacy (Big Brother). I could try a Survivor show but that is so common in the forums. Should I just start and invent a new format or should I just make another season of The Amazing Sims Race?

Top Search Referral FAIL

Nuff said


Wanna meet celebs?

Taken at ST’s C-Box, celebs had been spotted blogwalking. LOL!


Pacquiao Vs. Marques III

Manny Pacquiao Won!! Nothing much to write about. I feel a draw would be wiser but I’m not a judge. (This post was just to add traffic)