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Life Update

Well hi. I don’t know if people will read this lol this is my first blog post ever since well..what are we talking about? To be honest, I opened this blog randomly and I cringed when i read my previous posts lol. Anyway, if you’re still nosy and want to know what I have been up to lately then here it is. I still play The Sims but not as much as before. I still go to the forums but only on the S&L because those are my people haha. I still talk to the friends I made on the community through twitter. I still do my shows on S&L. I’m planning on joining a Modelling Comp on the Sims and Modelling section but it’s kinda hard to find a good one that I’m interested in. In real life, I started this blog when I was a Freshman College student. Now I’m “sorta” like a graduate student but I have to take up one last class during the summer so I can officially same I’m a graduate. I’m also looking forward to work in a Design Firm. Still debating whether I work or study again haha. I spend most of my free time on Tumblr and Twitter now though. This blog’s basically dead but I have been playing Sims again so I’ll probably post here more often again 🙂




Someone scared me on the EA Live Chat


I don’t give out my name to robots.

The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack?

So I guess EA is shoving another branded game… Just saw this on my Facebook News Feed


Here’s to a 4000

Even though I don’t post often, somehow this blog has gotten 4000 views! It may not be glamorous as the other sims blog but it’s a blog. According to the its stats, most of my views came from SR’s blog, vidkid’s blog and paco’s blog. Thanks SR, vid and paco! I’m currently typing this on my itouch so don’t expect any screencaps. LOL! The most viewed post is on the “My Look Back on my forum life” and it seems to be because it had the picture of that imfamous glitchy doll way back… I don’t expect anyone to read this too but if you did read this I owe you guys some cookies! XD

Look what I got!


This is a signed copy of Dashboard Confessional’s Dusk and Summer Album. I got this a month ago where The Used, The Cab and Dashboard Confessional had a meet an greet. I also had a picture with Chris Carraba himself 😉


This is a copy of Dashboard Confessional’s Alter the Ending album. I just bought this a week ago. I went to the mall the other day and I saw a SIGNED COPY. I kinda regret buying this copy early lol but wth. It’s Dashboard Confessional! lol


I am now searching for this ATL album. Of course I can just buy this on itunes but I want the CD. lol